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Our Mob

Djuma Fejo

Tribal Elder

Larrakia Elder, loreman & spritual leader. Lead partner and original co-creator/ founder of the Langarrama Journey.

Clarence “Clarry” Rogers

Tribal Elder

Original elder from South East Arnhemland, Ngukurr Community. Senior ranger, spritual cultural leader and teacher. Lead partner and original co-creator/ founder of the Langarrama Journey.

David “Kolbong” Sundbye

Langarrama Journey Founder

Original founder and co-creator of the Langarrama Journey. Born on Larrakia country, adopted into the Ngukurr community.

Tracy Healy

Langarrrama Journey Administrator

Head admin of Langarrama Journey.

Our mission

Australia is home to the oldest, continuous culture on Earth. The ancient wisdom of the Tribal people is the greatest wealth this country has. Yet their truths have been made inaccessible to all through censorship, suppression and division. Our mission is to restore harmony, peace and prosperity to the Earth by removing these barriers. Langarrama Journey is about providing rich, immersive and authentic opportunities to connect, express, learn, heal and grow as One people. The future of us all depends on it.



Langarrama Journey January 2023

FISHING Lessons with the Elders Welcome to Country Family Visiting Aunty at Songlines

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First Ever Langarrama Journey

Langarrama. The spirit comes to life. Words cannot describe the profound shared-experience of the inaugural Langarrama Journey, the 4-day Larrakia Journey that was held from 18-22 December 2022. We laughed,[…]

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In Pictures: First Ever Langarrama Journey

A gallery of some of the many moments captured on the first ever Langarrama Journey. Thank you to everyone who attended and became family!

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