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Langarrama Journey

In the spirit of Langarrama a journey has manifested, an invitation and opportunity to unite with the Original Sovereign Tribal people.


Hear from the Elders, lore, sacred sites, Dreamtime stories, music, singing, dance, traditions and customs. Hunting and gathering bushtucker, camping, fishing, medicine, basket-weaving, jewellery-making, spear-making, work with fire, etc.


Altogether those that share will experience true love, wisdom, mystery, connection and an intimate, personal understanding of nature and universal Ancient Lore. This experience will raise and expand your consciousness as well as opening your heart to life’s full potential.


See this ancient land through the eyes of the Tribal people, beach-walking, turtle hatching, crocs, goanna, dingoes, insects, birds and much more.


Larrakia: 5 days/4 nights exploring Acacia, Litchfield, Talc Head, Mandorah, Belyuen, Wagait, and Bynoe Harbour.
Arnhemland: 7 days/6 nights exploring Darwin, Mataranka, Ngukurr and SE Arnhemland.


Langarrama supplies tent, mattress, sleeping bag, torch, plates, cups, cutlery, meals and drinks, fishing gear, boats and vehicles. Please bring own clothes, pillow, and toiletries, etc.


Larrakia: AUD $1,500 per adult.
Arnhemland: AUD $2,200 per adult.
Discounts for groups and children under 16 available. Please register your interest using the form below and we will contact you with full details.

Our Langarrama Family

Once in a lifetime opportunity, or an every year trip, I felt the call and I felt like I was home. Will be going back again and again, an amazing experience.

Ash P.

My favourite parts of Langarrama were seeing all the people becoming ONE together along with the elders & nature, we all experienced love, peace & balance.

David “Kolbong” S.

One of the best experiences when meeting strangers and within 24 hours it was like I’ve known them all my life and will hold them all close for the rest of my life.

Danella L.

The Langarrama Journey was a calling I felt within my heart. I felt my spirit calling me to country, calling my heart to connect with Elders, the custodians of this Land. My heart was curious to learn, who are these people? What secrets do they hold? This land (Lahl) has a story to share & it was my time to listen. My heart was nourished with knowledge, connection & understanding, so much so I rebooked for more. Ma –

Sonja v d I.

For me, there was a push from self to attend Langarrama Journey. The decision for me to attend was quick and impulsive. Having no expectations, after arriving and meeting the land and my family,
I realised why I was called. I am finally home with you all and will be returning again and again for many more cultural immersion experiences with the mob. Thank you Langarrama for this once in a lifetime opportunity! Ma !

Andrea C.

Langarrama is a rite of passage and baptism to country. I stepped through its pearly gates, greeted by the ancestors and reconnected with my old family again. Langarrama Journey is where old souls come to gather in love and preparation for the earthly battles ahead as One global tribe.

MJ Shirley R-W.

Once in a lifetime opportunity, or an every year trip, I loved sitting around the fire with the elders soaking up everything they had to share. Life changing experience!

Tracey M.

Healing, focused, pain free and living my truth more each day since Langarrama.

Vicky & Leo G.

Past Journies

Langarrama Journey January 2023

FISHING Lessons with the Elders Welcome to Country Family Visiting Aunty at Songlines

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First Ever Langarrama Journey

Langarrama. The spirit comes to life. Words cannot describe the profound shared-experience of the inaugural Langarrama Journey, the 4-day Larrakia Journey that was held from 18-22 December 2022. We laughed,[…]

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In Pictures: First Ever Langarrama Journey

A gallery of some of the many moments captured on the first ever Langarrama Journey. Thank you to everyone who attended and became family!

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Register your interest

Please register your interest in Langarrama Journey using the form below.

Larrakia: 5 days/4 nights exploring Acacia, Litchfield, Talc Head, Mandorah, Belyuen, Wagait, and Bynoe Harbour. Available all year. AUD $1,500 per adult. Arnhemland: 7 days/6 nights exploring Darwin, Mataranka, Ngukurr and SE Arnhemland. Available June - August. AUD $2,200 per adult. Bookings for children under 16 are 50% off. Bookings for children under 5 are free.
If more than one is attending, please provide the additional names of attendees, and if children, whether they are under 16 or under 5 for discount purposes.